Discover which Annuity: Traditional Fixed, Fixed Indexed, Variable, or if All Three are Right for You.

In fact, most investors have no idea that there are actually four very different and unique types of annuities available to them. Instead, most people have been misled by both the media and certain financial personalities who misrepresent and lump all annuities together as if each one works exactly the same.

So, what exactly is an annuity? According to the dictionary, an annuity is an amount of money that is systematically paid to a person for a specified period of time, often for the rest of his or her life. An annuity is just a good old-fashioned income stream. Today there are a few different types of annuities available to consumers, and it’s often likely that it would make sense for you to have at least one of them in your overall retirement plan.

*Variable annuities involve a level of investment risk based on the separate accounts selected and the availability of certain riders to protect against down-side risk. Variable annuities are sold by prospectus, which contains important information regarding the risks, fees and charges associated with the contract. Prior to investing, one should read the prospects carefully.

Strategies For Retirement Planning

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