A Note From Our President

Dear Guest,

A special thanks for making the time in your busy schedule to join us for a journey through the universe of financial planning. You are to be congratulated for taking the first step in what we call the “financial planning process”. We would like to invite you to attend one or all of our upcoming workshops that addresses the specific topics. Simply put, the financial planning process involves three areas:

1. The Creation Of Wealth

This is the easiest process to accomplish since the most important ingredient in wealth accumulation is time, not money. A little bit of money invested properly over a long period of time may grow to be a large sum of money. If you procrastinated a little too long, then you may need to add more money and or reposition your existing funds so that they will have the opportunity to work harder and faster to accomplish your goals. Dollars invested, are your employees that work 24 hours 7 days a week.

2. The Preservation And Wise Use Of Your Wealth

This pertains to your retirement years. Your retirement years should be glorious and full, safe and secure. For some, the return of principal is equally important to the return on principal. We should be able to live a lifestyle commensurate with our working years and beyond. The success of your first phase of the financial planning process will truly dictate your level of comfort during your second phase.

3. The Perpetuity Of Your Wealth

There is a family member who wants to share in your wealth to the tune of more than half. His name is Uncle Sam. You worked hard for your money, made sacrifices, took risks; you paid your taxes on the money you earned, you pay taxes on the money your money earns, you pay taxes on the money you spend and your family will pay taxes again on your money that’s left when you are gone. You must learn the ways to pass-on your wealth to your loved ones so that they can benefit from your toils. Think about it, armed with knowledge you will be in a position to change your families financial tree forever. It starts with you. Like the tree farmer who will never see the fruit of his labor but plants trees anyway so the succeeding generations may have wood for their houses, you too, can assist generations to come. Your family will benefit, charities can benefit and you will benefit from the knowledge that you have planned for the future of so many.

It would be our pleasure to welcome you into the APG family of clients. It bears repeating that there is never a fee for any and all consultations nor does APG charge a fee based on your portfolio of assets. Instead, we provide you unlimited, free consultations where we get to know you and your unique circumstances. We will share ideas and information with you and, after making recommendations and discussing:

  • The positive attributes and negative characteristics if any
  • All fees, expenses or charges for acquisition, on-going maintenance and surrender, including a comparison to the plans and programs already implemented or contemplated by you

We will deliver the brochures and or prospectuses to you (if applicable) of any products mentioned during this meeting for further study and research. You will then have ample time to decide if your APG Representative’s recommendations make sense, and when you are comfortable we will implement these plans and programs where appropriate that we believe represent major upgrades to your existing retirement and estate plans. We think you’ll agree that this places you in the driver’s seat at all times and represents the most advantageous relationship for everyone.

You also can learn to work to…

Maximize your income today while protecting, preserving and perpetuating your wealth for tomorrow.®

I’m looking forward to adding your name to our APG Family of Clients and sincerely thank you for visiting our web site. Please call your local APG office and Wealth Management & Legacy Planner to get started on the road to Retirement & Financial Estate Planning.

Financially Yours,
Mark E. Charnet
President of APG

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